Binwakil institute of information technology zango is a very compresive institute that opper diffret type co couses the couse and the Certificate .given by the Binwakil Institute are all approved through out the World

You can Buy applie to the School if You have the Requrement.that are need by the need the Insitute

our branches

Contry Address Email tel/no
Nigeria z/dakata kano arabsonbinwakil@yahoo.c 08165869402
India M/magandi Value 8


Binwakeel Institute of Information Technology Employed Staff that Have A fully I.T Skills and have a qualification and he pass the flowing.

  • Have at least secound Scass Upper in his Bsc .
  • have Fully Practical Orientation .
  • Well Skilled .
  • Atend a well recognised School .

For low level Oprational Such As messenger Cleaner Scuirty And low level Staff Such As laberilians and other you need to Have the requirement of Secounder School Or the Diplomer in all aspect Thanks.


Wellcome now the adminon is avalable for the below couses .

and for other Couses Time is still for application you can applie through our website or you can buy the form vie accesbank

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